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Monuments' repairing

Astarte has repaired some of the most importat monuments, some of them built 400 years ago.

Some are:

  • El Giraldillo


    El Giraldillo has been made by Bartolomé Morel in 1568. It is located in La Giralda, the most important tower in Seville.

    In this figure, we have melted and installed structural bars.

  • Gustavo Adolfo Becquer monument


    The Gustavo Adolfo Becquer monument is located in Maria Luisa's park, one ot the most important parks of Sevilla, and it is a tribute to this important poet. The neck of one of the angels has been fixed and rebuilt. The marble surface has also been cleaned

  • Curro Romero monument


    The Curro Romero monument is located at a side of the bullfight square of Seville. Some broken pieces has been repaired.


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